1. Go to and enter the site by using the password “memberinvite.

    2. CLICK ON LINK – – and you will be given the option to make an account with the “Join Us” button. (Please note: if you are signing up on behalf of an honoree, be sure to use their name and contact information. As an assistant you can be added onto the account and given full access once it is activated. This is important for approval.)

    3. Once submitted, we will need to accept your application and verify your account.

    4. On confirmation you’ll receive an email and be able to log back into your account at

    5. On the main page please click “Coffee Table Book Photoshoot,” on the dashboard on the left hand side.

    6. Here you can choose from a selection of various locations and times.

N.B. After your selection there is a form for limited additional information and questions that require responses before submitting. Please set aside 10 minutes to provide answers in this editorial portion as these may be used in the Coffee Table Book or Moves Power Women Issue. We again request you consider the questions and submit thoughtful responses to them all. The form cannot be submitted to confirm your photoshoot time and location until your responses are noted.


For additonal inforamtion send an email to or to request code over the phone 646.489.1633 
Check spam for the code